Community Service

We at SSL believe in serving the community. Our various programs have helped community in all manner. Some of the activities include N.M. Joshi Social Study Course and DISHA.

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Damodar Natyagruha

Damodar Natyagruha was started in 1922 as a recreation centre for the working class and was used to encourage emerging actors to develop other fine skills in drama. Damodar Natyagruha is well known as the oldest theatre in the city. Many well – known Marathi artists have performed plays in this theatre. Due to the outbreak of Corona virus, the theatres experienced a set back like never before. 


This is an activity run by a group of service oriented past students of SSL. “Disha” was established on April 18, 1998. The objective of this activity is to provide opportunity for the field work to trained social workers, especially in the field of education and health.
The Patient Assistance Centre is a healthcare project. Many patients take advantage of this facility. 

Sahakari Manoranjan Mandal

Establishing ‘Sahakari Manoranjan Mandal’ was a concept coined by Late N. M. Joshi, with the aim of giving people a chance to spend their leisure time after work and business for good causes and to discourage them from getting into wrong practices like alcoholism or addiction which would in the long run ruin the lives of the people and their families. Also, entertainment of the masses especially the Marathi working class in the vicinity and providing opportunities for recreation were the fundamental goals behind the commencement of the institute.

Ambarnath Camping Ground

The Camping ground at Ambernath has been functioning for the last 18 years. One area of 24,000 square meters is used as a playground and one area of 3,000 square meters is used for tree plantation. The ground is being used for sports & educational activities.

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