Skill Development

We believe that in todays competitive world, a child must poses certain skills.That is why we not only focus on child’s Education, but also focuses on overall development of a child.

SSL is pioneer in Women’s Empowerment activity. The Industrial School for women is one of the oldest activities of the League designed to train women in various arts and crafts. The first of these centres were opened at Parel in 1922 and later 4 more centres were opened at Dadar, Girgaon, Chinchpokli and Vile Parle. Few of the Centres were active even in the post – lockdown period.

Apart from that, the league has also given importance to health and fitness. Which not only includes taking care of the Physical Health but also focuses on the care and nurturing required for the Mental Health. Owing to which, certain activities are conducted in the Parel Campus for the overall physical and mental growth of the children.

In Social Service League, we also take care that the children get an opportunity to explore various career options, groom their interests and personality. In order to facilitate this, we have activities like dance, theatre, etc which are run in Parel Campus.


Gymnasium & Fitness Centre

The Gymnasium and Fitness Centre was started in the year 1938 in Parel area, and it has completed over 85 years. This gymnasium is State Government Accredited. Our Gymnasium is well known in the field of Power Lifting. Several members of the gym have participated in the Local, State and National events.

Self Defence

Social Service League is associated with various co – curricular and extra – curricular activities such as Martial Arts and Karate. Under the guidance of many renowned Karate couches, the children are provided professional couching in self – defence. They have been conducting classes in the Parel Campus for about 18 years.

Counselling Centre

N. M. Joshi Social Work Training Class started the Counselling Centre in the year 2009 for the benefit of the students and their parents of Pre – Primary, Primary & High School. Our counsellor helps the students attain their goals by working on their strengths and weaknesses and uplifting their spirits. 

Abacus & Vedic Maths

Probably of Babylonian origin, an abacus is a calculating instrument that uses beads that slide along a series of wires or rods set in a frame to represent the decimal places. It is the ancestor of the modern digital calculator. Used by merchants in the Middle Ages throughout Europe and the Arabic world, it was gradually replaced by arithmetic based on Hindu – Arabic numerals.


N. M. Joshi Vidyasankul shelters cultural activities like Classical Dance Education. In Social Service League, we have institutes which are approved by the Cultural Ministry of Maharashtra Govt and have been associated for about 40 years now. The have achieved recognition at International Level.


Theatre academy is also an activity which is being conducted in the Parel Campus since 2018. Through the various workshops that are conducted, they not only teach acting skills to the children but also focus on improving the language skills, diction and pronunciation of the children which helps them with their academics too. 

N. M. Joshi Social Work Training Course

The Social Service League was established in 1911 and carries out various social activities in Mumbai and Suburbs. One such venture is N. M. Joshi Social Work Training Class. This Social Work Training Class has been started in the year 1925 and so far about 100 batches have been completed. About 6000 students have been trained from this class. 

Certificate Courses for Women

The SSL, Parel introduced Certificate Courses for Women. The course includes Teachers Training Courses, Baking, Beautician, Dance Class, Mehendi, Drawing, (Elementary & Intermediate), Imitation Jewelry, Soft Toy Making, Tailoring, Self Defence & MS-CIT. 

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